Are you a first-time homebuyer in California or a current homeowner looking to refinance? Are you wondering about how the loan pre-approval process works? What about mortgage pre-approval versus pre-qualification? You First Mortgage can answer all of your questions and assist you throughout the loan process. From applying to underwriting to closing, our knowledgeable loan consultants will ensure that your experience is simple and convenient. With our professional guidance, you can find a mortgage loan that meets your needs and makes sense for your financial situation. As a licensed mortgage loan firm, we can offer you loans from various lenders and take care of the busy work for you. Our goal is to get you the right deal as quickly and easily as possible. Get in touch today to learn more about loan servicing and consulting with You First Mortgage. We are available to assist clients in and around Rohnert Park, CA.


Mortgage pre-qualification helps you estimate what you can afford to spend on a home. Pre-approval means that a lender reviewed your information and approved you for a specific loan amount.

The first step of the loan process is the pre-qualification process. You complete a mortgage application and allow us to pull your credit report. We help you assess your situation and decide what type of loan you want. During this step of the process, it is important that you give us as much accurate financial information as possible. Then, we determine how big of a loan you will likely qualify for and what price level you should shop homes for.

There are various loan types with different features, terms, and qualifications. We can help you find out what you qualify for and what works best for your situation. Your eligibility depends on a variety of factors, including your income, your ability to make a down payment, your veteran status, the geographic location of the house you want, and more. To request more information about our loan services, give us a call today.

  • Conventional fixed-rate mortgage
  • Interest-only mortgage
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)
  • FHA loan
  • VA loan
  • USDA loan
  • Jumbo loan
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Second mortgage/home equity loan
The next step of the California home loan process is to use the information we obtained in the first step to get you pre-approved by a lender. Once you get a pre-approval letter, you can find the house you want to buy and have it appraised. Then, it's time to close on the loan and move in!


In the mortgage pre-qualification process, we ask you for information that we use to apply and get pre-approval from lenders on your behalf. We will need proof of income. That may include pay stubs, 2 years' worth of W-2 forms, and other documents that show sources of income (social security payments, dividend stock income, child support payments, etc.) You should also bring bank account and investment account statements. Lastly, you'll need a driver's license or passport. We will use your social security number for a credit check.

This part of the loan process is also time for a conversation with your You First Mortgage consultant. There are many types of home loans with various features and terms. It's important that we understand your whole financial situation as well as your goals and plans for using the loan. The more information we get, the more personalized loan servicing we can offer. When we decide what type of loan you want, we can determine how much you will likely qualify for. We will also give you a customized target-price for your home purchase in California.


Once we get all of your financial documentation and help you decide on the right type of loan, we will offer you a selection of specific loans from various lenders. When you choose the one you want, we'll use the information you gave us in the pre-qualification process to get you an approval-letter from the lender for that specific loan. We take care of all the work for you.